San Diego District Hockey League offers High School and Middle School Ice hockey.

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Q. Can travel players play in these leagues?
A. Yes. CAHA, SCAHA & Travel roller players are allowed to play in this league.

Q. How do I get on a team?
A. Register online at Contact us at or ask your local hockey director about assessments / tryouts.

Q. What if I am home schooled - where do I play?
A.  You will play for the districts/school team in the district that you live in.

Q. If I already have a school team can we just register our team?
A. Yes you may register your team for a team fee - all players must attend the same school and provide proof of attendance.

Q. If I have a player that does not attend my school but lives in the district can he play on my team?
A. The team or the player may petition the league to allow that player to join the team.

Q. Can I play on another team if my school does not have a team?
A. Yes you may play on a team from your district as long as it is skill and age appropriate.

Q. Can I play for another district if I don’t attend school there or live there?
A. No

Q. How are the district boundaries defined?
A. The district hockey boundaries are defined by the existing San Diego and Temecula school districts.

Q. Where do I play if I attend school in one area but live in another?
A. If your school does not have a team you can play for the district in which you live.

Q. Since the teams are created by district, how will the league make sure that the teams are balanced?
A. The league will NOT be balancing teams except in cases of players waitlisted for their own district team due to overflow.  The coaches and team managers will determine the appropriate level of play for their team. The league reserves the right to make any adjustments if a team is playing out of their level. As we grow this league the coaches are being asked to line match the talent as much as possible, helping to provide for a more balanced game.

Q.  Are there additional memberships and certification needed?
A. Yes


Q. When will Ice Hockey games and practices be played?
A. The game days and times depend upon the rinks' availability. Practice days & times will be determined by each district's home rink hockey director.

Q. Where will the Ice Hockey games and practices be held?
A.  We have two rinks, Ice-Plex and Poway Ice Arena. All practices and all home games will take place at your home rink, away games will take place at the other rink.

  • Poway Ice Arena – East, South, and Central Districts
  • Ice-Plex Escondido – North, West, and Temecula Districts

Q. Will we have to travel outside of San Diego?
A.  No. This is a local San Diego league. All home games will be played at your local rink; you will only have to travel to other local rinks for away games.

Q. How much will we have to travel to other local rinks?
A.  This will depend on the number of teams from each district in your division.


Q. Do the fees cover jerseys and socks?
A. No.  Jerseys are required and they cost $110 for the set (home and away).  Once purchased jerseys are good for subsequent seasons, including the transition from Jr High to High School.  Socks and pant shells are optional.

Q. Will I have to buy a new jersey every season?
A.  No. Once purchased jerseys are good for subsequent seasons, including the transition from Jr High to High School, except in the case of a player moving to a different district or when there are duplicate numbers; in the case of duplicate numbers the newer player would need to purchase a new set of jerseys (e.g. a Jr High player moving up to his/her district's HS team that already has a HS player with that number).

Q. My team already has jerseys - do we have to purchase league jerseys?
A. No but everyone must have a matching jersey and individual numbers.


Q. Can players play up a division?
A. For Ice fall season the divisions are limited to the stated grades.  For spring the Jr High division will accept current 5th graders, and the JV division will accept 8th graders with some experience.  For Inline the above conditions for spring may apply depending on player numbers.

Q. Is there checking?
A. Divisions will be based upon registration.

  • Ice Hockey
    • Jr. High - No Checking
    • Jr. Varsity - No Checking
    • Varsity - Checking
    • High School (combined JV and Varsity) - No Checking